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Almost 300 million tonnes of salt are produced in the world each year. This may be hard to believe, but bear in mind that salt has over 14,000 different areas of use. A vital commodity within agriculture, salt also saves lives on our roads and is used to produce pharmaceuticals, plastics and soap, de-calcify water and preserve and flavour food. Not only is salt fundamental to creating and saving lives, it also helps us enjoy life’s special moments.

We have been experts in salt for over 185 years. World Wars and global crises may have stood in our path, but we have always remained true to this essential mineral throughout. Our extensive knowledge and experience mean we are able to supply salt of the highest quality to markets all over the world. Salt that makes water softer, products harder, roads safer, agriculture more profitable and food tastier. Now in its fourth generation of ownership, the company is building on a tradition underpinned by stability, independence, supply security and product development. Giving our customers the best possible service is part of our DNA.

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We are ready for GDPR

We understand how important privacy is for the many different stakeholders we come in contact with. We have therefore updated our privacy policy to ensure that we in a clear and transparent manner, describe how we gather,use, display, transfer and store data so that our stakeholders can feel assured that their personal data is kept safe. Salinity carries out all handling of personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.

You can read our policy here.

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