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Sea salt and rock salt. With or without iodine. Coarse and finely grained salt, and flaked salt, with our without flavouring. Around 50% of the salt sold in the Swedish fast moving consumer goods, mass catering and food sectors is produced by us. Salt serves to balance, enhance and accentuate other flavours – food simply tastes a little better with salt. We have a range of different salts for food and cuisine, which you can read more about below.


Most of the world’s salt can be found in the sea, from where humans have been extracting the mineral since time immemorial. Sea salt is generated by channelling salt water into shallow dams, known as saltworks, where the water is left to slowly evaporate, before being dried, purified and prepared to be used as food.


Rock salt is a natural raw material extracted from deep mines. Containing no additives, it is mined from salt deposits in the bedrock which are millions of years old. Rock salt is used for food and cuisine, or as a raw material for the production of vacuum salt.


Vacuum salt consists of refined rock salt which is extracted by pumping clean water into large rock salt deposits. The water dissolves the salt, which is then pumped back into large containers. After purification, the saline solution is allowed to boil away under vacuum (negative pressure) and heat. The boiling process makes it possible to control the size of the salt granules, enabling production of either finely or coarsely grained salt. Vacuum salt is a staple grocery product used as traditional household salt, among other things.


Flake salt is usually produced from Mediterranean waters. After being slowly heated, the water is allowed to evaporate in large containers until brittle, pyramid-shaped flakes are formed. The process is closely supervised to ensure the flakes have the right structure and taste, then the salt is dried, sieved and packaged.


Consumer & Food Service

Flavour is Falksalt’s speciality. The Falksalt brand entered the Swedish market back in 1928, with the original selection featuring finely grained salt for food and cuisine, both with and without iodine – a traditional form of salt extracted from deep salt mines. Nowadays, Falksalt is stocked by all of the major moving consumer goods companies in Sweden, and just like many of our other salts, our unique Falksalt is exported to several other markets.

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Food Industry

SALINITY is a major, independent supplier serving the Swedish food industry. Through distribution and internal production, we are able to produce salt of the highest quality to meet any conceivable need. We are particularly proud to offer SALTWELL, a unique product with a naturally lower volume of sodium which retains the positive qualities and flavours of salt.

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This is a fine grain salt especially suited for dough making. Baking salt is extracted from ancient salt deposits in the bedrock and is subsequently purified. Delivered in small bag (25 kg).

Our coarse sea salt has large frosted grains with a defined salty flavor. Used for example for pickling, salted fish and seafood. Delivered in big bag (1000 kg) and small bag (20 kg).

White crystalline powder. E500 is used mainly in the food industry. Delivered in big bag (1000 kg) and small bag (25 kg).

Vacuum salt with added nitrite is used to prevent the growth of microorganisms (Clostridium Botulinum) in meat products. It is a fine grain, highly refined salt with cubic crystals and a high degree of purity. Contains 0.6% sodium nitrite. Delivered in small bag (25 kg).

High quality rock salt mined, crushed and sifted to the appropriate fraction. Delivered in bulk, big bag (1000 kg), small bag (10 kg and 25 kg) and bucket (12,5 kg).

A highly refined salt (fine or coarse fractions) with a cubic crystal shape, with or without iodine. Vacuum salt is primarily used in the food industry and as table salt. Delivered in big bag (1000 kg) and small bag (25 kg).

Himalayan Salt is collected from salt deposits as old as 250 million years. We select only the highest quality salt and do not use any additives. This rock salt is naturally rich in minerals, including iron, which gives the salt its pink color. Available as fine-grained or coarse-grained. Delivered in big bag (1000 kg).

Falksalt Crystal Flakes Natural originate from Cyprus in the Mediterranean. It has a unique character with light salty flavor and completely free of additives. Delivered in big bag (500 kg), small bag (10 kg) and bucket (1,5 kg).

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